Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I Went to the End of the World As We Know It

and I feel fine

Runway to roads I rambled alone. My travels brought me from the glacial tip of the Americas to the lakes of Bariloche and the Andean oasis of Mendoza. I stopped at a few more dots on the map along the way, chasing Patagonia for nearly 3,000 kilometers along the Andes. Here's what I found.

Perito Moreno, Calafate

Cerro Fitz Roy, El Chalten 3441 m

Camp Anario, Bariloche. Peaceful waters.

Some God Rays atop Catedral, Bariloche

An Andean Condor enjoying thermals at the summit. Graceful for a giant.

The first opening on the Cerro Piliquitron trek, El Bolson. To give some perspective on the summit.

A horse grazing in the saddle of the Piliquitron peaks.

Bosque Tollada, El Bolson. Half-way up Piliquitron. Leave it to hippies to make art out of a burnt landscape.

Well above the tree line. Well below the summit.

Still approaching...

Next couple are the panoramic from the Piliquitron summit 2712 m

Center of town, El Bolson

Rio Azul, El Bolson

A taste of Argentina's finest Malbec in Mendoza.

The Sundance Gaucho

Argentina's largest park, Mendoza

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