Thursday, March 5, 2009

House Cleaning

Wow, so I got a little caught up. It's been a month since my last post and is due time for some house cleaning. First with the formalities. I couldn't have asked for a better living situation than Casa Cochabamba. If you remember, I backed into this place through a friend of a friend. Now we've got a solid crew. The house itself has great open spaces for dinners, get togethers and lounging; it's a haven of tranquility surrounded by an exciting, constantly active setting.. haha ahhh writing travel blogs for three months has taken its toll. But anyway, we have an open door most nights of the week, very social environment, and plenty of couches to accommodate wayward roadjunkies traveling through BsAs. Matt Shuman crashed my couch a couple weekends back - which was a lot fun.

So now a review of last month in montage sequence. I ask that you turn up your volume as loud as it goes, get comfortable, and listen to this while you read the ensuing paragraph.

I bussed north to Gauleguaychu for a sleepless 24 hours of Carnaval, watched Manu Chao rock Luna Park for nearly 4 straight hours, chanted alongside the heady soccer fanatics at La Boca Stadium, drank and ate like I had some pesos at a rooftop party in the 'cheto' district, had a rooftop party/asado of our own for my birthday in the 'not so nice' district, got a taste of BsAs theater at Paseo la Plaza (so cultural), went on a few dates with a past student, subsequently retired from my teaching career at the top of my game (not at all related) and, just this week, bought my one-way ticket to the nether regions of Argentina. I thought that was going to be longer. You can turn the song off.

Now that I bought my Patagonia ticket I've been getting itchy feet. It's all I can think about. So far, this is the extent of my plans. Turn the volume back up, click here and press play.

Sunday, April 5th, get off the plane in El Calafate (although, because Argentina is in the name of my airline I expect massive and inconvenient delays), Monday watch Pitt win the ship completing the best March-Madness bracket of my life, Tuesday rent some camping gear and find myself in a series of thin-air and Peyote induced epiphanies during my isolated trek of El Chalten, April 12-15 bus up to the Lakes District via mountain passes along the Andes (which I've heard is about as fun and relaxing as roller-blading on a cobblestone street for 36 hours), and finally, April 15-22ish, explore Bariloche and the surrounding towns before a layover in wine country, Mendoza, on my way back to BsAs. Like any red-blooded American I appreciate freedom, so this is about as defined as my plans will get. I'll fill in the blanks while I'm down there.

Today is exactly one month before my flight back to the USA. I'll try to regain some sort of posting consistency before then, especially during my tour of Patagonia.

Yours truly and my favorite,


Sunday, March 1, 2009