Sunday, January 4, 2009

A lone BA

"There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered. "- former NBA all-time great Nelson Mandela

Dr. Mandela's words reign as true as his jump shot. After this most recent visit to my hometown over the holidays, I would add that there is nothing quite like a couple nights of over indulgence with some old friends to find the ways in which you yourself remain the same. Speaking of which, I believe I left my dignity somewhere at Jerzy's house if anyone happens to find it. Overall, my trip to the States made for a comforting break from my travels. It was great to see family and friends, and was a welcome change of pace from my rigirous life here in Buenos Aires "re-calibrating my personal goals" and "foregoing any sort of professional responsibility." There was no need for the last point to be in quotations.

So while the economic forecast of the United States is going from shit to worse, and Jesus's miracle of turning water into 2,000 years of unending war in the Middle East continues, I have returned to my refuge of Argentina. As a foreigner here, I have found an international loophole - removed from both the local economic woes and from those back home. However, after watching two 70 year old Palestinians go to fisticuffs with an Israeli gentleman earlier today, in the strangest display elderly aggression I have ever witnessed, I've conceded that there is no escaping that crisis.

If put to a judges ruling, I have to admit that Round 1 of my travels would likely go to Argentina, having knocked out my travel companion. So it should be a much different go this time around, but I'm excited to be back. I'm set up nicely now in a hostel that's walking distance from my work, and a bit calmer than Gecko - where I hear from a friend that the owner got in a headbutting match with a Peruvian on Christmas over seemingly nothing.

For you readers under the hazy shade of a New England winter, Buenos Aires is currently 80 and breezy with a slight chance of awesome.


Andrew said...

There are still only two of us reading this.

jerzy said...

one since the return? weak showing teddy