Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Gana Obama

Forgive us readers, for it has been too long since our last confession. We have two days of class left, which means the first month is coming to a close. We hosted the first real get together of all our classmates last week at our place. Everyone came, got loose and had a good time. One of the programs which is affiliated with EBC hosted a Halloween party at a hostel near where our class is held. I was a priest, Andy was a nerd, we got drunk, made a really good impression. We went to dinner before and were the only table dressed in costume, apparently Argentina doesn't celebrate the same as in the States. We have mainly been hanging out with kids from our class, which has been a good transition into Buenos Aires, but we're looking forward to branching out after the course. Some unforseen difficulties with extending our return flight are making a trip home for Christmas more realistic, so you might be seeing our shining faces on JC´s birthday. People eat absurdly late here, we're just getting back from dinner at 2 am. Need sleep. Love you all.