Friday, October 10, 2008

Day 1

Hello friends and family,

On October 1oth of 2008, two of the greatest thinkers/songwriters of the 21st century embark on an epic journey to Buenos Aires. As we drive through the slums of Argentina, the cab drivers phone rings... it is for us, and the news leaves us homeless. The housing situation fell through (again). We arrive at the office of our "real estate agent" who offers us a surrogate/temporary room which consists of a bed and a couch. So we venture out into Buenos Aires to find a sutiable apartment for two strapping young lads.
We visit an apartment we like. We return to our surrogate room. We get an offer, $1200 a month for the aprtment we like. DENIED! Offered $1100 within minutes. Upon accepting, it was made clear the realestate agent had forgone her comission to meet our minimum monthly payment. Despite condescending remarks from her superior we closed the deal.
After attempting to aquire $2,100 USD (while wandering with 200+ lbs of luggage and broken spanish) we showed up at the desired apartment at the agreed meeting time of 2:30 pm and the landlord was nowhere to be found. After being kindly let into the building by a fellow tenant we were similarly asked to leave after it was apparent that our landlord was not on time.
We waited. Patientally. Eventually we were granted our apartment. A two-bedroom in the heart of Recoleta. It is close to our lifestlyle and class. We miss you all, and will keep you in our thoughts.

Ted and Andy

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mastamocha said...

Dearest fellows,
From many thousands of miles away a tear drops to the hard wood floor in the heart of boston. But it is not a tear of sadness, nay. Be it a tear of joy! For although our bodies are thousands of miles apart our hearts are still one. Be safe and god speed.
Yours Truly,
Jacob Ronald and Keith Curtis

P.S. S.A.N.D.O.S.